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Project Assurance for better control

Utilising a blend of assessments, process enhancements, and dashboards, we work with you to improve your project management delivery so that you can do more.


Projects often present the biggest risks an organisation can have. The cost of fixing a project issue after the event is significantly greater than addressing the cause when it is first identified.Therefore, robust assurance is essential to good project outcomes.

It is relatively common for internal audit functions in organisations to perform some sort of project assurance activities. Traditionally these were focused on post-implementation review some time after a project had been completed. This generally revealed ‘lessons learned’ that would be helpful for future projects or potential improvements for the product, but post-implementation reviews were generally considered unhelpful as it occurred too late to be useful to the project.

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Project Assurance areas

Maturity Assessment

Assesses the maturity of the program/project management capability and create a prioritized improvement roadmap.

Light Health Checks

A high level review of how the project is performing, and managing its risks.

Process Improvement

Assesses the governance, tools and methods and create a prioritised improvement roadmap.

Deep Dives

Review of particular areas of risk (e.g. business case, testing, security assessment)